Executive Committee

South Korea is the current the coordinating country for the 2014-2017 term.

The present executive are:

John Bosco YoonShikMr. John Bosco YoonShik SHIM

Rev. Amatus Im Duk-Il
Rev. Amatus Im Duk-Il
Spiritual Advisor

Agnes HwaYoung
Ms. Agnes HwaYoung KIM

Ms. Joanna SoonJoo LEE
Director of International Affairs

History of APG

All member countries of the AP Region originally belonged to the International English Language Group, however, by the early 1980's it became apparent that this area would become strong enough in Cursillo to stand alone. It was not until 1990 that the Asia Pacific Group was recognized by the OMCC as the 4th International Group member.

Following the first Cursillo held in the United States in 1957 talks and literature were translated into English by the Americans. This led to the rapid introduction of the Movement throughout the English speaking world and into Asia and the Pacific region.

In 1963 the USA brought the Cursillo Movement to the Philippines and it was Filipino Cursillistas who played a very significant role in the spread of the movement into countries throughout the Pacific. There are many hundreds of thousands of Filipino cursillistas and AP has been trying to initiate contact, though lack of email facilities is making this very difficult.

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Language groups within countries

Australia (Website: www.cursillo.asn.au)

  • Hispanic
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese

Commonwealth of the Northern Marianus Islands (CNMI)


US Military - Okinawa, Japan

Oceania Korea

Republic Korea

Republic of the Philippines

  • Filipino in Daly City & Northern Carolina

Taiwan (ROC)

  • North America (Canada & USA) Chinese

Vietnam in Diaspora (Website: www.cursillovietuc.com.au)

  • Europe
  • Canada & USA