From its beginnings in Majorca the Cursillo Movement has spread to several European countries.
18 countries make up the International European Group (the GECC, which used to be called EWG: "European Working Group" or GET: Grupo Europeo de Trabajo).

SPAIN, the CM spread from the island of Majorca to the mainland in 1953. A team from Majorca, with Eduardo Bonnin as Rector and P. Juan Capó as Spiritual Advisor, conducted the first Cursillo in Valencia.


PORTUGAL. Their first Cursillo took place at Fatima in 1960.

The first German-language Cursillo was held in AUSTRIA in Vienna in 1960. Today of course Austria is the coordinating country of the GECC

In ITALY, the Cursillo Movement had its foundation in 1963.

In FRANCE, a Cursillo weekend was held in Perpignan in 1961 but the movement did not survive. However in 1993 the Vietnamese community held a Cursillo 3 days and it is now held annually in Vietnamese.

In BELGIUM, the first cursillo was in English in 1964 – but nothing further was heard until 1982.

The Movement started in SWITZERLAND in 1963. The first Cursillo in French was given in 1992. There is also a Catholic Cursillo Movement in Switzerland for the German speaking. It started in 1994.

The Cursillo Movement was introduced in GERMANY in 1961 by cursillistas coming from Vienna, Austria.

Vienna, Austria, introduced also the Cursillo Movement 1974 in CROATIA, in Samobor, and 1989 also in HUNGARY in Székesfehérvár.

Hungary took the Cursillo Movement 1990 to ROMANIA.

Portugal took the Cursillo to ENGLAND, in 1970.

Since the inception of the Cursillo Movement in GIBRALTAR, 4 weekends are held every year. Gibraltar was the seat of the International group GET (European Working Group) from 2006 to 2010. In 2009, a team from Gibraltar and Ireland founded the CM in Durban, South Africa.

Cursillo was introduced in IRELAND with the help of the United States.

GERMANY introduced also the Cursillo Movement in South Tyrol (ALTO ADIGE) 1969.

The Cursillo movement was introduced to CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA from Germany. The first Cursillo weekends took place in 1991.
We remember in prayer all those cursillistas, who over the years worked for the spread of Cursillo in these countries.