Executive Committee

Venezuela is the current the coordinating country for the 2014-2017 term.

The present executive are:

  Jesús María Clemente Ennio Torres Idalia López  

Jesús María Clemente

Ennio Torres

Idalia López


P. Angel Yván Rodríguez

Felipe Vanososte

Francisco Valery


P. Angel Yván Rodríguez

Felipe Vanososte

Francisco Valery


History of GLCC

Many lay people and priests who participated in the Cursillo Movement in the various dioceses of Spain, and who were excited about its evangelizing potential, brought it to the countries of Latin America.

The first country outside of Spain to receive the CM was Colombia, through Catholic Action, in 1953. This was also where the first women's cursillo was held.

In a few years, the CM spread throughout the other countries of South America, coming to Bolivia, & Mexico(1957), Peru (1958), Venezuela (1959), Ecuador, Panama & Puerto Rico (1961), Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala & Dominican Republic (1962), Chile & Nicaragua (1963) Costa Rica & Honduras (1964), Paraguay (1966), Guyana (1970), Uruguay (1972) and Cuba (1998)

It extended across the Americas with great strength and vitality and in 1968

At the First Latin American Encounter held in Bogota (Colombia), the formation of an International Group was first discussed. OLCC (now GLCC) became a reality at the Second Latin American Encounter, 1970 in Tlaxcala (Mexico), when the Latin American Office of Cursillo in Christianity was established


Language groups within countries



Brazil (Website: www.cursilho.org.br)

Chile (Website: www.cursillosdecristiandad.cl)

Colombia (CEN) (Website: www.cursillosdecolores.org)

Costa Rica (Website: www.cursilloscr.org)


El Salvador



Mexico (Website: www.cursillosdemexico.org)


Panama (Website: www.mccpanama.org)


Peru (Website: www.mcclima.org)

Dominican Republic (Website: www.mcc.org.do)



  • Canada (hispanic)