Following the first Cursillo which was held in the United States in 1957, talks and literature were translated into English. This led to the rapid introduction of the Movement throughout the English speaking world and into Asia and the Pacific region. English speaking Cursillos began in Canada 1963, Australia 1965, Korea 1967, Sri Lanka 1964, England 1970, and Ireland.

These countries formed the International English Language Group (IELG) to facilitate communication and publication of CM literature and in 1980, together with the Latin American Office of the CM (OLCC) and the European Working Group (GET), they constituted the World Body (OMCC).

The CM began in the English speaking countries of the Caribbean as follows:
Jamaica 1967, Trinidad 1970, St Vincent 1973, Barbados 1974, Grenada 1976, and together with Guyana and Monserrat they became members of IELG and in 1985 formed a Caribbean body to assist in communication and the holding of conferences in their area.

In 1990, the countries of the Asia Pacific region formed, and were recognised as the Asia Pacific Group, and in 1997 at the World Encounter in Seoul Korea, Ireland became part of GET. As many of the English speaking countries were now a part of other groups, it was at this meeting that the IELG officially became the North America and Caribbean Group (NACG).