The Cursillos in Christianity Movement began in Mallorca in the 1940's and has spread to more than 60 countries and more than 5 million people throughout the world. In the 1950's the basic service structures of the movement began to appear with the formation of Diocesan Secretariats, and during the 1960's National Secretariats arose as a result of the need to coordinate and unify the life of the Cursillo Movement in each country.

It was in the 1970's in the process of global expansion, the need for connection and coordination between the countries in a region became apparent. Regional and International meetings of various kinds were held in different times and places, and it was from this that the International Groups began to form.

Three World Encounters and two World Ultreyas had been held before 1980 and in that year the International Groups existing at the time, made the decision that a World Body of the Cursillo (OMCC), "an organization of service, communication and information”, was needed. It was formed by the International Groups of the Cursillo Movement.

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