1966 Rome

The first World meeting held in Rome was followed by the 1st World Ultreya. 6000 people attended, representing 22 countries. There were no appointed delegates. It was a meeting attended by all the Cursillistas who travelled to Rome.

1970 Tlaxcala, Mexico

The 2nd World Encounter was convoked by Bishop Hervas (Spain). Each National Secretariat was asked to send 9 delegates. This Encounter closed with the 2nd World Ultreya. 50,000 Cursillistas came from all over the world to meet in Mexico City.

1972 Mallorca, Spain

The 3rd World Encounter. 22 countries were represented. At this Encounter a commission was establised to begin work on the book "Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement" which was to adequately reflect the essential basics that give identiy and character to the Movement all over the world. The first edition was produced in 1974.

1988 Caracas, Venezuela

The 4th World Encounter was held with 37 National Secretariats represented by 152 Delegates. The Internal Regulations of the OMCC were approved and the decision was made to update Fundamental Ideas at this meeting, (the 2nd edition was produced in 1992).

The Encounter was followed by the National Ultreya of Venezuela, with delegates attending together with 10,000 local Cursillistas

1997 Seoul, Korea

The 5th World Encounter was held with 215 delegates attending representing 36 National Secretariats. A National Ultreya followed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Korean Cursillo Movement. Delegates attended in the Olympic Stadium together with 30,000 local Cursillistas.

2005 Sao Paulo, Brazil

The 6th World Encounter was held with 189 Delegates attending representing 30 countries. The decision was made to once again update Fundamental Ideas.

2013 Brisbane, Australia

The 7th World Encounter was held with 187 Delegates and observers attending representing 23 countries.